Travel Team

Spring Season Only

The Amherst Regional Middle School Travel team is comprised of approximately 18 players, selected from the larger group that plays in the Intramural League. Travel Team members must also participate in the Intramural League. The Travel Team plays an ambitious schedule of games against other Middle School and High School teams throughout New England, and involves a considerable time commitment.

Tryouts: We will be evaluating all players at the general practices at the start of the season. We will also hold tryout sessions for players who wish to be considered for the travel team. There will be three tryout sessions. Players who wish to be considered must attend at least two sessions and are strongly encouraged to attend all of the sessions. 

Selection Criteria: The Travel Team is selected based on the following criteria:

  • Throwing ability (backhand and forehand)
  • Catching ability
  • Running speed
  • Running endurance
  • Knowledge of the game (marking, cutting, reading the disc)
  • Coachability and enthusiasm
  • Commitment (number of conflicts with other activities)

Expectations: Click here to view the expectations for Travel Team players.

More About Commitment: An occasional conflict with another activity will not affect the chances of being selected for the Travel Team. However, a significant commitment to another activity, particularly a commitment to another sport, will adversly affect a players’ chances of being selected.