2024 Fall Season

There will be a Fall Middle School Ultimate Clinic for players in grades 5 through 8 run through Amherst Recreation (formerly Amherst Leisure Services).

==> Check here for cancellations and schedule notes.

Registration will open in August 2024 Click here to go to the Amherst Recreation registration page.

The Clinic is organized by Jim Pistrang. Head Coaches for the clinic will be Dan Kaplan and Johanna Neumann, with assistance from ARHS players.

The clinic will run for 13 sessions on Mondays and Thursdays at Amherst Regional Middle School, from 4:00 to 6:00.

Start Date: Monday September 16

End Date: Thursday October 31

At each clinic session we will start with warmups, followed by drills and scrimmages. In some sessions we might also include a contest of some sort, and the sessions will end with sprints and a cooldown.

The drills and scrimmages will focus on basic skills and strategies, and are designed to ensure maximum involvement for all players.  Novice and experienced players are welcome.  Ultimate is an active sport – players should expect to run hard every session.

Need more information? Send an email to Jim Pistrang.