2011 Invite

Amherst Regional Middle School 2011 Ultimate Invitational

The tournament was held on Sunday May 22 2011 

About the Tournament

This spring we will be celebrating the 14th Annual Amherst Middle School Invitational Tournament. The following teams will be attending:

  • Amherst Regional Middle School Travel Team 
  • Andover Middle School Team (MA) 
  • Bement School (Deerfield, MA) 
  • Boston Collegiate Charter School (MA) 
  • Community Day Charter Public School (Lawrence, MA) 
  • Compass School (Westminster Station, VT) 
  • Four Rivers Middle School Boys (Greenfield, MA)
  • Four Rivers Middle School Girls (Greenfield, MA)
  • Hartsbrook School (Hadley, MA) 
  • Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School A (Haydenville, MA)
  • Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School B (Haydenville, MA)
  • Lander Grinspoon Academy (Northampton, MA) 
  • North Branch School (Ripton, VT) 
  • PVPA (Hadley, MA) 
  • Rhode Island Ultimate
  • Westfield Middle School A (NJ) 
  • Westfield Middle School B (NJ) 

Signing Up

If you want to come to the tournament, you must let us know by phone, mail, or email by April 15, 2011. You can mail in your $50 entry fee, or bring it on the day of the tournament. Checks should be made out to ARMS ULTIMATE.
Things we need to know:
 Adult Contact name, phone number, mailing address, email address 
 School name and/or team name
 Age range of players on team
 Number of players on team 
 Coed or single-gender

Tournament Frequently Asked Questions

When is the tournament?
 The tournament will take place on Sunday, May 22, 2011 .
Where is the tournament?
 The tournament will take place on the playing fields of Amherst Regional High School
Who is allowed to play in the tournament?
 This is a tournament for Middle School teams. No players beyond 8th grade may play in the tournament without the permission of the TD. Both coed and single-gender teams are OK. Our preference is for single-school teams, but composite teams may be accepted with the permission of the TD.
Is this tournament appropriate for my team ?
 There will be teams at the tournament representing all levels of play, from brand-new teams with no experience to teams that play at a high level (for middle school). The tournament does not have a traditional ‘championship’ format – instead, your team will play games against other teams that are at a similar level of experience and ability. 
Who is in charge of the tournament?
 The director of the Amherst Middle School Invitational is Jim Pistrang (coach, Amherst Regional Middle School Ultimate). All decisions regarding eligibility, acceptance of bids, seeding, and rules will be made by Jim.
 A staff of adult volunteers will help supervise the tournament.
How do you decide which bids to accept?
 At this point, we will accept anyone who wants to come, but space may be limited, so contact me asap and reserve a space. 
How much does it cost?
 The entry fee for the tournament is $50 per team.
What do we get for our money?
 We will provide water, a disc, and a Team Box for each team, containing fruit and bagels. We also use the money for school fees. 
Do we need an adult chaperone?
 Absolutely. You must have an adult chaperone if you want to play in the tournament, and the chaperone must be with your team for the entire time.
How many games will my team play?
 Visiting teams will generally play three games. If a team wants to play four games we may be able to accommodate them, and if a team only wants to play two games that is OK. One or two games may be against one of the Amherst Middle School intramural teams. 
What is the format of the tournament?
 There is not a ‘championship’ format. Visiting teams will play against teams that are at about the same level in terms of age and experience.

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Tournament Format and Schedule

Tournament Format

  • The tournament will be played on six fields. 
  • Due to the time and field limits, there will not be a ‘championship game’ at the end of the tournament. There will be an SOTG award at the end of the tournament, based on voting by all teams. 
  • Visiting teams will play three or four games. All efforts will be made to schedule games that are fair and competitive. 
Captains’ Meeting at 9:00
Game 1 start at 9:30 end at 10:45 
 Field 1 ARMS vs Hartsbrook 
 Field 2 Westfield A vs Four Rivers Boys 
 Field 3 Westfield B vs Four Rivers Girls 
 Field 4 PVPA vs North Branch 
 Field 5 CDCPS vs Hilltown B
 Field 6 Compass vs Rhode Island 
 Bye: Bement, Lander Grinspoon, Hilltown A, Andover, BCCS
Game 2 start at 11:00 end at 12:15 
 Field 1 ARMS vs Bement 
 Field 2 Hartsbrook vs Four Rivers Boys 
 Field 3 Westfield B vs Lander Grinspoon 
 Field 4 Rhode Island vs Andover 
 Field 5 BCCS vs Hilltown A
 Field 6 Four Rivers Girls vs North Branch 
 Bye: Westfield A, PVPA, CDCPS, Hilltown B, Compass
Game 3 start at 12:30 end at 1:45 
 Field 1 Hartsbrook vs Westfield A 
 Field 2 Hilltown A vs Rhode Island 
 Field 3 Westfield B vs Bement 
 Field 4 PVPA vs Compass 
 Field 5 BCCS vs Andover 
 Field 6 CDCPS vs North Branch
 Bye: ARMS, Four Rivers Boys, Lander Grinspoon, Four Rivers Girls, Hilltown B
Game 4 start at 2:00 end at 3:15 
 Field 1 ARMS vs Four Rivers Boys
 Field 2 Andover vs Westfield A 
 Field 3 Four Rivers Girls vs Hilltown B 
 Field 4 CDCPS vs Rhode Island 
 Field 5 Hilltown A vs Compass 
 Field 6 Bement vs Lander Grinspoon 
 Bye: Hartsbrook, Westfield B, PVPA, BCCS, North Branch
Game 5 start at 3:30 end at 4:45 
 Field 1 ARMS vs Westfield A
 Field 2 Hartsbrook vs Compass 
 Field 3 Westfield B vs Hilltown B 
 Field 4 PVPA vs Four Rivers Boys 
 Field 5 Hilltown A vs Andover 
 Field 6 BCCS vs Lander Grinspoon 
 Bye: Four Rivers Girls, CDCPS, Rhode Island, Bement, North Branch
4:45 SOTG Award

Game Rules

  • Games will be played to 13. 
  • A 5 minute half-time will take place when the first team reaches 7 or 30 minutes after the scheduled Start Time, whichever comes first. 
  • Game will be soft capped at two above the high score at 10 minutes before the end time. 
  • Game will be hard capped at the end time. 
  • Each team is allowed one two-minute time out per half plus one floating time out. 
  • Please keep set-up time between points to a minimum, since the games are short. 

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