2002 Season

Wednesday, March 6Meeting after school in the ARMS Cafeteria
Monday, March 18First practice at Fort River School
Thursday, March 21Practice
Sunday, March 24Practice
Monday, March 25Practice
Thursday, March 28Practice
Sunday, March 31 (Easter)No Practice
Monday, April 1Practice (announce Intramural and travel Teams)
Tuesday, April 2Travel Team Practice
Wednesday, April 3Travel Team v ARHS Girls Varsity W: 12-7
Thursday, April 4Practice
Sunday, April 7Practice
Monday, April 8 *3:00 1 (Yellow) v 2 (Red) Red 11-9
Wednesday, April 10Travel Team v ARHS 9th Grade Boys L: 10-9
Thursday, April 11 *3:00 3 (Blue) v 4 (Green) Green 9-7
Friday, April 12Travel Team v Eaglebrook W: 13-3
Sunday, April 14No Practice
Monday, April 15 (vacation)Travel Team Practice (optional)
Wednesday, April 17 (vacation)Travel Team Practice (optional)
Thursday, April 18No Practice
Saturday, April 22Andover Tournament (Travel Team)v Haverhill Girls W 15-4v Andover Girls W 15-1v Andover Boys L 12-11
Sunday, April 21Practice
Monday, April 22 *3:00 1 (Yellow) v 3 (Blue) Yellow 10-9
Wednesday, April 24Travel Team v Greenfield (canceled)
Thursday, April 25 *3:00 2 (Red) v 4 (Green) Green 11-8
Saturday, April 27Travel team v PVPA 12:00 at ARHS W 15-5Travel Team v Hilltown 3:00 atARHS W 15-5
Sunday, April 28Practice
Monday, April 29 *3:00 1 (Yellow) v 4 (Green) Green 9-7
Wednesday, May 1Travel Team v ARHS 9th Grade Boys W: 11-9
Thursday, May 2 *3:00 2 (Red) v 3 (Blue) rained out
Friday, May 3Travel Team practice
Saturday, May 4 (all day at Hampshire College)ARHS Tournament (Travel Team)v Haverhill L 4-15v CSW L 9-13v ARHS JV L 4-15
Sunday, May 5 (all day at ARHS)ARHS Tournament (Travel Team)v ARHS 9th L 13-15v Beacon W 15-13
Monday, May 6 *Blue+Green v Hartsbrook W 13-3
Wednesday, May 8Travel Team v ARHS Girls JV W: 15-4
Thursday, May 9 *3:00 1 (Yellow) v 2 (Red) Yellow 12-10
Saturday, May 11 (all day)Eaglebrook Tournament (Travel Team)v Hilltown W 13-1v Eaglebrook A/B W 13-4v ARHS 9th L 8-13v Eaglebrook A W 13-2
Sunday, May 12 (at ARHS)1:00 3 (Blue) v 4 (Green) Green 13-93:00 2 (Red) v 3 (Blue) Blue (forfeit)
Monday, May 13 *3:00 2 (Red) v 4 (Green) (rescheduled for Thursday May 16)
Wednesday, May 15Travel Team v ARHS Girls Varsity W: 13-7
Thursday, May 16 *3:00 1 (Yellow) v 3 (Blue) Yellow 12-53:00 2 (Red) v 4 (Green) Green 10-5
Saturday, May 18Travel Team v PVPA 10:00 (rained out)
Sunday, May 19 (all day) (at ARHS)ARMS Tournament (everyone)1 (Yellow) v Greenfield L: 4-81 (Yellow) v Eaglebrook L: 7-122 (Red) v Eaglebrook L: 11-132 (Red) v Greenfield W: 11-83 (Blue) v ARHS Girls JV L: 4-63 (Blue) v Hilltown L: 4-94 (Green) v Hilltown W: 12-24 (Green) v ARHS 9th Grade L: 0-13Travel Team v Greenfield W: 10-7Travel Team v Eaglebrook W: 12-6
Monday, May 20 *3:00 2 (Red) v 3 (Blue) Red 13-3
Tuesday, May 21Travel Team v Minnechaug W: 21-10
Thursday, May 23 *3:00 1 (Yellow) v 4 (Green) Green 10-7
Sunday, May 26Memorial Day Weekend…no practice
Monday, May 27Memorial Day Weekend…no practice
Wednesday, May 29ARMS Girls vs ARHS Girls JV L: 12-4
Thursday, May 30Practice, Contests
Saturday, June 1 (at ARHS)Intramural Tournament (at ARHS)1:00 Semi Finals1st place (Green) v 4th place (Blue)2nd place (Yellow) v 3rd place (Red)3:00 Finals
Wednesday, June 5Travel Team Practice
Thursday, June 6Travel Team vs ARMS Faculty

Intramural and Travel Rosters

Yellow Team (Team 1)

Molly Armstrong * *
Sarah Blatchly
Brian Cox * *
Micah Franzman
Julie Greene
Matt Guild
Ellis Heyer
Sam Kanner * **
Daniel Kasal *
Sophie Kolchin-Miller
James Mawson
Kevin Morgan-Rothschild
Danny Ostendorf
Milo Ryerson
Hannah Tuominen
Ethan Wilfong

Red Team (Team 2)

Jeremy Bancroft-Brown
Kevin Bernotas * *
Jesse Boomsma-Gold
Shayla Hazard * *
Michelle Huber
Veronica Johnston
Eli Keene *
Meaghan Lass
Ian McGeoch
Adrian Meck
Jonah Okun
Daria Pause
Gabe Stanek
Robin Stewart * *
Chris Tourloukis
Gajji Vamathevan

Blue Team (Team 3)

David Baecher
Jeremiah Berlin *
Kellen Corkill
Michael Droy *
Matt Hart
Andrew Hollingworth * **
Ally Miseph
Rosa Neff * *
Matt Paulin
Hilary Piech
Corey Sharken
Colin Shea
Varun Shetty
Jasmina Stritof
Bryce Van Cleef
Russell Wallack *

Green Team (Team 4)

Ben Blumberg
Kate Campbell-Strauss
Ana Curcija
Damien Fenske-Corbiere
Charlie Forray
Christian Foster * *
Sasha Gulick-Sherrill
Benjamin Howard
Colin Kuusisto
Tamarah Lindsay-Brandford
Jenny Lindsey
Blake Marcus * *
Chelsea Murphy * **
Patrick Roberts *
Joe Russell
Josh Tetenbaum

  • captain
  • travel team (** captain)

Final League Standings

  • Semifinals (Saturday, June 1 at 1:00 at ARHS)
    • Green vs Blue Green 7-4
    • Yellow vs Red Yellow 13-6
  • Finals (Saturday, June 1 at 3:00 at ARHS)
    • Yellow vs Green  Yellow 6-3

Intramural 2002 Contest Results


7th Grade Boys: Adrian meck
8th Grade Boys: Josh Tetenbaum
7th + 8th Grade Girls: Chelsea Murphy

7th Grade Boys: Kellen Corkill
8th Grade Boys: Robin Stewart
7th + 8th Grade Girls: Rosa Neff

7th Grade Boys: Joe Russell
8th Grade Boys: Sam Kanner
7th + 8th Grade Girls: Molly Armstrong

7th Grade Boys: Russell Wallack
8th Grade Boys: Sam Kanner
7th Grade Girls: Rosa Neff
8th Grade Girls: Molly Armstrong

Travel Team Roster

Molly Armstrong
Jeremiah Berlin
Kevin Bernotas
Brian Cox
Christian Foster
Shayla Hazard
Andrew Hollingworth *
Sam Kanner *
Daniel Kasal
Eli Keene
Blake Marcus
Chelsea Murphy *
Patrick Roberts
Rosa Neff
Robin Stewart
Russell Wallack

Travel Team Stats

Disclaimer: Ultimate Statistics are very misleading…..there’s a lot that goes on before the assist and the goal, and these numbers do NOT really reflect the strengths of the players on the team. Still, the numbers are fun, so here goes….

Records are for the Travel Team games only. Sorry, no Intramural stats this year.

  • Assists (top 6 players listed)
Robin Stewart101
Sam Kanner59
Andrew Hollingworth32
Russell Wallack17
Christian Foster16
Daniel Kasal10
  • Goals (top 12 players listed)
Christian Foster49
Patrick Roberts38
Shayla Hazard22
Rosa Neff22
Kevin Bernotas19
Brian Cox19
Russell Wallack18
Andrew Hollingworth14
Eli Keene14
Sam Kanner13
Robin Stewart13
Blake Marcus12