2001 Season

Wednesday, March 7Meeting after school in the ARMS Cafeteria
Monday, March 19First practice at Fort River School
Thursday, March 22Practice
Sunday, March 25Practice
Monday, March 26Practice
Thursday, March 29Practice
Sunday, April 1Practice (announce Travel & Intramural Teams)
Monday, April 2Practice
Wednesday, April 4Travel Team Practice
Thursday, April 5Practice
Sunday, April 8Practice
Monday, April 9 *3:00 Yellow vs Red Red: 11-8
Wednesday, April 11Travel Team v ARHS Girls Varsity L: 10-11
Thursday, April 12 *3:00 Blue vs Green Blue: 11-9
Sunday, April 15 (Easter)No Practice
Monday, April 16Vacation…no practice
Tuesday, April 17 (vacation)Travel Team Practice (optional)
Thursday, April 19No Practice
Sunday, April 22Practice
Monday, April 23 *3:00 Yellow vs Blue Yellow
Wednesday, April 25Travel Team v ARHS 9th Grade L: 6-13
Thursday, April 26 *3:00 Red vs Green Green
Saturday, April 2810:00 Travel Team v Northampton L: 10-1512:00 Travel Team v St Margaret’s L: 9-15
 Sunday, April 29 (at ARHS)1:00 Red vs Blue Red: 11-93:00 Yellow vs Green Green 11-6
Monday, April 30 *3:00 Blue vs Green Blue
Wednesday, May 2Travel Team v ARHS Girls Varsity L: 6-13
Thursday, May 3 *3:00 Yellow vs Red Yellow
Friday, May 4Travel Team practice
Saturday, May 5 (all day)ARHS Tournament (Travel Team)Newton South High School L: 6-11Weston High School L: 6-15Phillips Andover Academy L: 4-15
Sunday, May 6 (all day)ARHS Tournament (Travel Team)Haverhill High School L: 8-15ARHS 9th Grade L: 5-15
Monday, May 7 *3:00 Red vs Green Green
Wednesday, May 9Travel Team v ARHS Girls JV W: 22-2
Thursday, May 10 *3:00 Yellow vs Blue Blue 10-8
Saturday, May 12 (all day)Eaglebrook Tournament (Travel Team)Greenfield A L: 7-11Greenfield B L: 4-11ARHS 9th Grade L: 5-11ARHS Girls JV W: 11-0Eaglebrook W: 11-4
Sunday, May 13 (at ARHS)Practice
Monday, May 14Practice
Wednesday, May 16Travel Team v Eaglebrook W: 15-8
Thursday, May 17Practice
Sunday, May 20 (all day) (at ARHS)ARMS Tournament (everyone)Red v ARHS 9th Grade L: 5-13Red v ARHS Girls JV W: 9-4Yellow v ARHS 9th Grade L: 2-11Yellow v ARHS Girls JV W: 11-1Green v Greenfield L: 10-11Green v Eaglebrook W: 12-10Blue v Greenfield W: 13-8Blue v Eaglebrook L: 5-13Travel Team v Greenfield W: 12-11Travel Team v Eaglebrook L: 5-7
Monday, May 21 *3:00 Red vs Blue Red
Wednesday, May 23Travel Team v ARHS 9th Grade L: 10-13
Thursday, May 24 *3:00 Yellow vs Green (cancelled, rain)
Sunday, May 27Memorial Day Weekend…no practice
Monday, May 28Memorial Day Weekend…no practice
Wednesday, May 30ARMS Girls vs ARHS Girls JV L: 4-10
Thursday, May 31Practice, Contests
Saturday, June 210:00 Travel Team v PVPA (at ARHS) W: 13-7
Sunday, June 3 (at ARHS)Intramural Semifinals (at ARHS)1:00 Yellow vs Green Yellow 11-103:00 Red vs Blue Red: 11-9 
Monday, June 4Intramural Finals (3:00 at Fort River)Red vs Yellow Yellow 15-8
Wednesday, June 6Travel Team Practice
Monday, June 11Travel Team v ARMS Faculty

Intramural Teams and Travel Team Rosters

Yellow Team

Emily Baecher * **
Brad Bell *
Sam Burnim * **
Christian Foster
Andrew Hollingworth
Adam Karras
Daniel Kasal *
Blake Marcus *
Ian McGeoch
Benjamin Mew
Chelsea Murphy
Hilary Piech
Miles Warner

Red Team

Kevin Bernotas
Brian Castriota
Emily Damon
Ryan Ecclestone
Sam Eide
Jacob Gordon
Spring Greeney * **
Eli Luberoff
Patrick Meyers * *
Jacob Miller
Darden Pitts *
Anna Rockwell
Andrew Tiner
Nick Walkowicz *

Blue Team

Carson Chastain
Brian Cox
Kevin Doubleday * *
Michael Droy
Matthew Harrington
Shayla Hazard *
Sam Kanner * *
Esther Kim * *
Tim Lesser
Rachel Machta
John Mawson *
Noah Morgan-Trostle
Kyle Waldron

Green Team

Muriel Abeledo
Jarrett Austin *
Jeremiah Berlin
Soknat Chham
Brian Cook * *
Cory Doubleday
Sam Elmes
Brittany Kaplan
Mike Korza
Ryan Mones
Chris Morcom
Jonah Olken-Dann *
Robin Stewart *
Mia Valentini * *
Heather Wick

* captain

* travel team (** captain)

League Standings

  • End-of-Season Standings 
  • Semifinals
    • Yellow defeated Green 11-10
    • Red defeated Blue 11-9
  • Finals
    • Yellow defeated Red 15-8

Intramural 2001 Contest Results


7th Grade Boys: Dan Kasal
7th + 8th Grade Girls: Spring Greeney
8th Grade Boys: Ryan Mones

7th Grade Boys: Kevin Bernotas
7th + 8th Grade Girls: Spring Greeney
8th Grade Boys: Ryan Ecclestone

7th Grade Boys: Sam Kanner
7th + 8th Grade Girls: Emily Damon
8th Grade Boys: Ben Mew

Travel Team Stats

Disclaimer: Ultimate Stats are very misleading…..there’s a lot that goes on before the assist and the goal, and these numbers do NOT really reflect the strengths of the players on the team. Still, the numbers are fun, so here goes….

Records are for the Travel Team games only. Sorry, no Intramural stats this year.

  • Assists (top 9 players listed)
Robin Stewart46
Sam Kanner32
Sam Burnim24
John Mawson17
Kevin Doubleday14
Patrick Meyers9
Spring Greeney6
Emily Baecher5
Brad Bell5
  • Goals (top 8 players listed)
Brian Cook37
Mia Valentini18
Jarrett Austin17
John Mawson16
Brad Bell13
Sam Burnim12
Esther Kim12
Emily Baecher9
Patrick Meyers8