2000 Season

Wednesday, March 8Meeting after school in the ARMS Library
Monday, March 20First practice at Fort River School
Thursday, March 23Practice
Sunday, March 26Practice
Monday, March 27Practice
Thursday, March 30Practice
Sunday, April 2Practice
Monday, April 3Practice
Tuesday, April 4Travel Team Practice
Wednesday, April 5Travel Team vs ARHS Girls Varsity L: 8-12
Thursday, April 6Practice
Sunday, April 91:00 Red vs Blue (cancelled)
 3:00 Green vs Yellow (cancelled)
Monday, April 103:00 Red vs Blue Red: 12-4
Wednesday, April 12Travel Team Practice
Thursday, April 133:00 Green vs Yellow Green: 13-11
Sunday, April 16 (vacation) (at ARHS)Practice
Monday, April 17 (vacation)Travel Team Practice
Thursday, April 20Vacation…no practice
Sunday, April 23Easter…no practice
Monday, April 243:00 Red vs Green * Red: 8-7
Wednesday, April 26Travel Team vs Eaglebrook (postponed)
Thursday, April 273:00 Blue vs Yellow * Yellow: 13-8
Saturday, April 29Greenfield/NMH Tournament (Travel Team)Greenfield A: L: 1-11ARHS Girls V: L: 5-10Eaglebrook: W: 10-7
Sunday, April 30 (at ARHS)1:00 Blue vs Green Green: 13-7
 3:00 Red vs Yellow Red: 10-6
Monday, May 1Practice
Tuesday, May 2Travel Team vs Eaglebrook W: 15-6
Wednesday, May 3Travel Team vs Hartsbrook W: 11-4
Thursday, May 4Practice
Saturday, May 6Eaglebrook Tournament (Travel Team)Greenfield A: L: 1-11Greenfield B: W: 11-4Eaglebrook: L: 8-9Greenfield B: W: 11-5
Sunday, May 7 (at ARHS)1:00 Yellow vs Green Yellow: 11-7
 3:00 Red vs Blue Red: 13-5
Monday, May 83:00 Red vs Green * Green: 11-10
Wednesday, May 10Travel Team vs ARHS Girls JV (rained out)
Thursday, May 113:00 Blue vs Yellow * Yellow: 10-8
Saturday, May 13 (all day)ARHS Tournament (Travel Team) Newton South: L: 3-13Andover: L: 5-13Champlain: L: 8-13
Sunday, May 14 (all day)ARHS Tournament (Travel Team)Haverhill: L: 8-15Concord: W: 7-6
Monday, May 15Practice
Thursday, May 18Practice
Sunday, May 21 (all day) (at ARHS)ARMS Tournament (everyone)Blue vs ARHS Girls JV: L: 3-5Blue vs Hartsbrook: W: 9-5Yellow vs Greenfield B: W: 8-5Yellow vs ARHS Girls JV: W: 8-2Red vs Eaglebrook: L: 8-9Red vs Hartsbrook: W: 9-3Grue vs Greenfield-A: L: 4-13Grue vs Greenfield B: W: 9-8ARMS Travel vs Eaglebrook: W: 13-6ARMS Travel vs Greenfield-A: L: 6-13
Monday, May 223:00 Blue vs Green * Green: 13-7
Wednesday, May 24Travel Team vs ARHS Girls VarsityW: 15-12
Thursday, May 253:00 Red vs Yellow * Red: 13-4
Sunday, May 28Memorial Day Weekend…no practice
Monday, May 29Memorial Day Weekend…no practice
Wednesday, May 31ARMS Girls vs ARHS Girls JV: L: 4-10
Thursday, June 1Practice, Contests
Sunday, June 4 (at ARHS)Intramural Semifinals (1:00 and 3:00)1:00 Red vs Blue Red: 11-63:00 Green vs Yellow Green: 13-6
Monday, June 5Intramural Finals (3:00 at Fort River)Red vs Blue Red: 11-10
Wednesday, June 7Travel Team vs ARHS Girls JV: W: 15-3

Intramural Teams and Travel Team Rosters

Green Team
Hannah Alexander
Zack Bouricius
Mike Buchanan *
Brian Cook
Gabrielle Fein
Spring Greeney *
Kiernan Gulick-Sherrill *
Alex Krogh-Grabbe
Jon Leighton
Nikki McLaughlin
Will Neff * *
Nick Neiman
Jonah Olken-Dann
Leah Roth-Howe * *
Shahrokh Shafie
Hillary Wilcox

Red Team
Muriel Abeledo
Mason Bisi *
Nick Brown
Michael Cardozo
Joe Clegg *
Cory Doubleday
Matthew Harrington
Mary Juravich
Daniel Lesser * *
Eli Luberoff
John Mawson
Jenna Miller * *
Mia Valentini
Nate Yaffe *

Blue Team
Robin Armstrong
Sam Burnim
Kevin Doubleday
Ryan Gentes
Taylor Goodwin *
Amy Hapip
Zak Kaufman * *
Esther Kim * *
Tom McCarran
Chris Morcom
Michael Pistrang * *
Brooke Steinhauser
Emilia S.
Theresa Walker-Ray
Miles Warner
Heather Wick

Yellow Team
Emily Baecher *
Gabrielle Berkman-Levine
Ben Ewing *
Guy Juravich * *
Nate McGarigal
Patrick Meyers
Jacob Miller
Sean Murphy * *
Darden Pitts
Sam Roberts *
Anna Rockwell
Noah Rosenberg
Shira Stothoff *
Chella Strong *
Andrew Tiner
Nick Tourloukis

  • captain
  • travel team

League Standings

  • Final Regular Season Standings
Green (aka Grue)42667

League Standings

  • Final Regular Season Standings
Green (aka Grue)42667

League Standings

  • Final Regular Season Standings
Green (aka Grue)42667
  • Semifinals
    • Red defeated Blue 11-6
    • Green defeated Yellow 13-6
  • Finals
    • Red defeated Green 11-10It was a great final game for the 2000 season. The two teams exchanged points in the first half, with no team going up by more than 1 and a halftime score of 5-5. Red pulled ahead in the second half, and had a 9-7 lead at the cap. Red scored quickly after the cap, but Green staged a great comeback with two hucks from Will to Leah, followed by a sideline pass from Will to Alex, to tie things up at 10-10. Red moved the disc up field and was 20 yards from the goal when Green forced a turn. Will threw to Leah in the goal, but Dan blocked the pass, threw to John at midfield, who threw deep to Mason for the final point.

Intramural 2000 Contest Results


7th Grade Boys: Matt Harrington
7th Grade Girls: Mu Abeledo
8th Grade Boys: Zak Kaufman
8th Grade Girls: Shira Stothoff


7th Grade Boys: Darden Pitts
7th Grade Girls: Spring Greeney
8th Grade Boys: Dan Lesser
8th Grade Girls: Chella Strong


Boys: Will Neff
Girls: Leah Roth-Howe

Team Leaders

We all know how misleading stats can be….the player who throws the key pass, makes the big defensive block, or runs the hardest doesn’t always get the goal or the assist. Still, here are the numbers for the season:

Records are for the Travel Team games only. Sorry, no Intramural stats yet

  • Assists (top 8 players listed)
Will Neff56
Dan Lesser30
Zak Kaufman12
Mike Pistrang10
Sean Murphy9
Guy Juravich7
Mason Bisi6
Ben Ewing6
  • Goals (top 8 players listed)
Dan Lesser36
Mason Bisi14
Taylor Goodwin14
Sean Murphy14
Zak Kaufman13
Guy Juravich12
Leah Roth-Howe12
Will Neff8
Sam Roberts8