1999 Season

Sunday, April 25: Greenfield at Greenfield L:9-15

Monday, April 26: ARHS Women JV at Fort River W: 12-3

Tuesday, April 27: ARHS Women V at Fort River L:12-15

Thursday, April 29 Eaglebrook at Fort River L:7-17

Sunday, May 2: Tournament at Greenfield 

W: 10-0 (ARHS Women JV)

L:4-11 (Eaglebrook)

W: 10-9 (Greenfield)

Thursday, May 6: ARHS Boys JV at Fort River L:3-21

Saturday, May 8: Tournament at Eaglebrook 

L:4-11 (Eaglebrook)

L:4-11 (Greenfield)

Thursday, May 13: ARHS Girls V at Fort River (rescheduled from May 20) W: 12-10

Saturday, May 15: *** ARHS Tournament *** 

L:5-13 (ARHS Boys JV)

W: 13-9 (Holyoke Catholic)

Sunday, May 16: *** ARHS Tournament *** 

W: 13-9 (Champlain)

L:8-13 (Concord)

L:7-13 (Haverhill)

L:8-15 (Haverhill)

L:9-15 (Concord)

Wednesday, May 19: *** Putney at Fort River *** L:13-15

Sunday, May 23: 2nd Annual Middle School Tournament at ARHS 

W: 13-9 (South Orange)

L:9-13 (Greenfield)

L:3-13 (Eaglebrook)

W: 13-2 (Hartsbrook)

Saturday, June 19 *** ARHS Women V (1999 National Champions) ***

W: 15-5 

*** All Star Team

Team Leaders

We all know how misleading stats can be….the player who throws the key pass, makes the big defensive block, or runs the hardest doesn’t always get the goal or the assist. Still, here are the numbers for the season:

Records are for the 8th Grade and All Star games only. Sorry, no 7th Grade stats.

Assists (top 8 players listed)
Luke Zimmerman 51
Draper White 29
Jesse Seamon 29
Alex Schneider 28
Jacob Goldstein 28
Trevor Connors 13
Oliver Brandt 8
James Matthews 7

Goals (top 8 players listed)
Jacob Goldstein 43
Draper White 30
James Matthews 25
Tirzah Juskalian 21
Luke Zimmerman 18
Alex Schneider 12
Nik Melnechuk 9
Jesse Seamon 9